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International Honor Medical Society

Welcome to the website of Iota Epsilon Alpha, St. George’s University School of Medicine’s International Medical Honor Society.
The Iota Epsilon Alpha (IEA) Honor Medical Society of St. George’s University School of Medicine was founded on the principles that include academic excellence, integrity, leadership, compassion and philanthropy.  Although IEA is an academic society, its precepts are grounded in promoting humanitarianism and moral integrity as well as academic excellence. In April 14, 1992, medical student Nicholas J. Andrews, together with student colleagues Derek Bigler, Vinita Seru and Patrick M. Morgan, convened to establish IEA at St. George’s University.  Since then, the student members of IEA have not only increased, but have contributed significantly to the local habitants of Grenada, through their efforts in charity fundraising for various homes for the elderly, disabled, and orphaned children, and in the continued health education of the locals.  Currently, IEA has extended membership to medical students in SGU’s satellite campus at Northumbria University in Newcastle, UK.
Beginning in 2006, IEA students were recognized at their medical graduation ceremonies for the maintenance of their academic excellence and in enhancing the lives of Grenadians.  In this manner, IEA continues to be an integral part of St. George’s University’s corporate citizenship of Grenada.